• How To Build Up Your Leg Strength
    One of the best ways to build up leg strength so you can stay in your crouch comfortably is to work on it a little each day. One great way is to use your TV viewing time as productive training time. While watching a TV show in the evening, (after HOMEWORK is done) get into your receiving stance anytime a commercial comes on. Try to stay in your stance the entire commercial. Stay in your crouch untill the commercial is over or untill you can not keep good form.

  • Practice Throwing At Home Without Breaking Something
    Use a rolled-up pair of socks instead of a ball to practice your throwing mechanics indoors. This allows you to practice your exchange and to throw without fear of punching a hole in the wall.

  • How To Tell How Well Your Footwork is Going When Throwing
    While practicing your throwing mechanics indoors, use the T-pattern to make your throws without a ball and with your eyes shut. Have someone watch to see where your feet are actually going. This is a great way to gauge how the development of the muscle memory is going.

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